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From: Me McMe
Subject: ExperimentingI was having a boring day at work, so I decided to have my lunch in the
nearby park, to get a break from the office. It was a lovely day and I
soaked up the sun as I ate my lunch, sitting in the grandstand, watching a
bunch of teenage boys riding their skateboards in the park.The boys stopped their skating and came over and sat in front of me, a few
rows down. I couldn't help but overhear their conversation. When they
spotted an attractive girl walking along the street nearby their
conversation became very interesting."Wouldn't you love to fuck her?" said one of the boys."Yeah, it'd be great! But it'd be great to fuck any girl," replied another
of the boys.They must have then remembered that I was sitting behind them as they turned
around, somewhat embarrassed."You boys never had sex before?" I asked in a polite way lolita teen porn sites in order to
alleviate their embarrassment.They all confirmed that cuties models lollitas russian they hadn't but expressed their strong desire to do
so. One boy stated it very clearly."I'd just like to know what it's like to fuck a girl. To get my dick into
her," he said."Well, why don't you go and get yourselves some girlfriends?" I suggested.They outlined how they had tried that and none of them had been successful
in winning the heart of a girl, or even getting her into bed."What's it like? To fuck a girl's pussy?" they asked me.I told them it was fantastic, which only made them seem even more keen to
give it a go."Well, if you are only after a fuck, you could always try each other," I
suggested humorously.They rejected this suggestion totally, stating that they were friends and
could never do that with each other."Well, you'll just have to find someone you can fuck, male or female, if you
are that desperate," I suggested.This resulted in them all looking at me. I didn't realize why at first, but
then it hit me."Hey, you don't expect me to do it?" I protested.A chorus of begging and pleading followed from all four boys. I felt
extremely sorry for their plight, but I didn't want to cgi bbs loli japan engage in such an
act. I told them I wasn't gay. I gave a number of excuses why I couldn't
do it, but their pleading persisted. Eventually I gave in."OK," I said, "I might let you just once, just so you can feel what it's
like to fuck someone. It won't be the same as a pussy, but pretty close I
guess."I told them to meet me in the toilets after work. In the meantime I went
over to the local chemist and bought four condoms and some lubricant.After work I walked slowly over to the toilets in the park. I looked
inside, but no-one was there. I felt relieved that they had changed their
minds.As I was about to leave the boys entered the toilet. I knew they were to
keen to give up such a chance."OK, I will let you do this but you have to be careful and do what I say,
and you have to wear a condom and use lubricant," I demanded.I started to remove my pants and I could see cuties models lollitas russian the excitement growing on their
faces. They all started to remove their pants too. As I peeled my
underpants off I could see all their eyes on my ass.I got down onto my hands and knees with my bare ass exposed and thrust up
for them all to see and gain access to. The boys had already decided the
order they would go in and the first boy stepped up behind me and knelt down
between my feet. www teen lolitas com In his haste he almost forgot to use the lubricant but I
stopped him just in time.He was very keen and he entered me with a thrust that sent pain right
through me. I regretted my decision to allow them to do this but I thought
it was too late to stop now. He began to pump in and out of me, slowly at
first, then harder and faster. I could hear the slapping sound of his hips
hitting my ass cheeks. My penis quickly became swollen and hard, due more
to the physical act of having my anus penetrated then any sexual arousal,
although the feeling I was getting was becoming more and more pleasurable as
time went on.I resisted the pleasurable sensation as I did not want the boys or myself to
think I was gay. My hardening cock was giving a signal I didn't like.At first I thought the boys would not be able to cum or would ejaculate
prematurely given that this was their first time, but the pounding of my ass
continued for a long time until the boy made one final thrust and let out a
very strong "FUUUUUUUCK!". He instantly turned to his mates and informed
them of how mind blowing the experience was and how they just had to have a
go. As he extracted his cock from inside me he slapped my ass cheek as a
sign of approval.The next boy entered me roughly as well and seemed to follow the same
scripted pattern of pounding me with increasing intensity. Even though the
sensation was almost totally pleasurable now I began to wonder how degrading
it was for me to be in that position being butt fucked by a bunch of underage lolita sex bbs
lolita child 16 nacked guys.When the second boy had finished I felt exhausted and realized that I didn't
want to continue."OK guys, sorry about this but I really have to go now," I falsely claimed.The two boys who hadn't had their turn protested. I started to get up but a
hand was placed on my back between my shoulder blades and with a gently
pressure I was pushed back down into my original position. I was about to
force my way up when the third boy entered me. I could have protested more
strongly but I realized I had indeed promised them all a fuck, and besides,
I was having more pleasurable sensations. I decided I would definitely get
up after this one.The boy pounded away at me, and my balls swung beneath me and my hardened
cock bobbed up and down. I started to lose myself in the moment when the
final thrust came and the boy was spent. This time I started to stand up
and I used more force then before, in order to send a clear signal. My
effort was met with a less gentle amount of force from the hand on my back.
Again I found myself kept in that exposed and vulnerable position and felt
the entry of the fourth boy before I could take any further action.I decided to see it through to the end and leave all four boys satisfied. I
did my best to enjoy this fuck and allow the boy to have the ride of his
life. My efforts were rewarded when he groaned intensely and his pulsating
cock let loose it's load.That wasn't too bad! I thought to myself. All over now.I remained in that position for a few moments in order to catch my breath
and recover. I then decided it was time to go. As I started to get up I
felt the same pressure on my back holding me down."C'mon guys, what are you doing? You've finished and I've gotta go home!" I
stated."This is fucking fantastic! We want another go!" one of the boys said."That wasn't the deal. You just wanted to try it out? I protested,
"Besides, I have no more condoms left.""That's OK, we don't mind," said one of the boys, "It'll feel better without
one."I protested further but was mounted quickly, before I could take any action.
The boy humped me, gaining half his pleasure from the sexual act and the
other half from the fact that he was helping himself to my ass.I demanded that the boy stop but after a while my demanding turned to
begging."Please don't. C'mon guys, please don't do this. Please stop.""Sorry mister, this is just too great. We can't stop now."I begged, "Please don't cum inside me?"Before I could finish my sentence I knew it was too late, I could feel the
final thrusts and pulsating cock and the warmth of his juice.The preteen bikini models lolita next boy mounted me quickly and as his thrusts began I could feel the
hot cum of the first boy trickling down my thighs.When I protested again the boys responded by pointing to my cock which had
swollen to a painful size and suggesting that I was having as much fun as
they were.The boy climaxed inside me and as he withdrew I could feel more cum running
out of my ass and down my leg. As the next boy quickly mounted me and began
his act of anal intercourse I could feel the cum around my anus cute little lolitas org
over my ass cheeks. I imagined what I must look like back there with my ass
in the air, and hot, sticky cum smeared all over my ass and down my legs.
The thought was disgusting, but it also bought on the first twitch of a
pending orgasm. I didn't want that to happen. I didn't want to shoot my
load in front of the boys like this as it would convince them that I had
enjoyed the experience. I began to will the orgasm away, to prevent it from
happening.I felt more hot cum being 15 yr nude lolitas injected into me and then it was the last boy's
turn to mount me for his second ride.My ass was burning and my hips ached and I was becoming exhausted. I just
wanted to hold out for this last fuck and then it'd all be over. www teen lolitas com In order
to alleviate the pain I decided to try and enjoy the fuck. My strategy
worked and the pleasurable sensations began to override my burning ass. As
the boy thrust deeply into me and violated my body with his seed I felt the
explosion of my own orgasm as my cock pulsed and squirted several times,
leaving a deposit of my own cum on the floor beneath me.I didn't realize what I had done until one of the boys commented."Look, the dirty bastard just shot his load! I told you he was enjoying
it."I was too ashamed to look up at first, but when I did I noticed a group of
three boys standing in the doorway."Is this the guy you told us about?" they asked."Yeah, I'm sure he won't mind if you have your first fuck with him too!"I started to protest but a combination of shame, exhaustion and the pressure
holding me down stopped me from getting up.All three boys mounted me in turn and spent their loads within me. My ass
was burning and screaming for relief but this didn't stop the boys from all
having another go riding me.After each boy had had at least three fucks they stopped. I got off my
knees and sat against the wall. As I sat down I could feel an enormous
amount of cum squishing between my ass cheeks. I tried to gain what little
modesty I could by cupping my hands over my genitals. I didn't bother
covering my ass as they all knew it more intimately then I knew it myself."Can we do this again sometime?" one of the boys asked."With me?" I questioned."Yeah, who else?" came the reply."It was only supposed to be once, and not for everybody," I stated."Well, our mates needed the experience too and we just got carried away I
guess. You don't know how great it felt!" came the reply."Your ass is a sex machine!" chimed in one of the boys. "I bet it is good
for all sorts of things.""Like what?" I asked."I am sure we could think of something," said a boy laughing."Wow, I bet there aren't too many guys who can say they've been fucked up
the arse over a dozen times in one day?" "You are better than a male
prostitute?" "You are too good a fuck to stop now?" came the chorus of
comments.As I cupped my hands over my genitals I thought about how I could fuck a
girl now after having been taken by so many guys. Maybe they were right,
maybe I was meant to be fucked by guys. I hadn't done much to stop them and
I had climaxed during the experience."I will have to think about it. Maybe I can come back next week," I said
meekly. I actually felt like they had made me their own male prostitute.The boys all dressed and left the toilet very excited about future
possibilities.I cleaned myself up, wiping off what seemed like endless amounts of cum off
my ass and legs. I was shocked to realize that as I wiped my bare buttocks
I began to feel excited. The site and feel of my smooth ass cheeks aroused
me and I caressed them and finally began fingering my asshole. I stopped,
realizing that someone might come and see me. I finished dressing and left
the toilet block. Besides, I thought to myself, what harm can come from
getting fucked a few times.I decided to return the next week.
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